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Exciting News – UET Benefit Increase

Effective July 1, 2019, the UET Trustees are excited to announce a generous increase in the Career Improvement Program (CIP) benefit to $4,000 per fiscal year. This is a $500 annual increase in the union-administered tuition assistance benefit for eligible State of Ohio bargaining unit employees. It is just another way the UET Trustees continue to take care of union members’ career advancement and employment security needs.

Click here to learn more about the CIP program offering.

To apply for your benefit, login to MyUET.

Introducing the NEW "Automated Notifications" Enhancement

We are excited to announce that the UET will begin sending practical and useful notifications to participants who have active UET applications for educational financial assistance. The purpose of these notifications is to provide you with timely and actionable information about the status of your applications.  These notifications will be sent by e-mail or by mail. Please visit MyUET to add or update your e-mail address and to update your profile communication preference.  By implementing this notification system, we intend to enhance your UET experience, expedite the processing of your applications, and facilitate continued and timely access to your UET benefits.

Introducing the NEW "Document Upload" Functionality

We are pleased to announce that UET participants now have the ability to upload application supporting documents at any time. Required documents may be uploaded during the application process or after the application has been submitted.

We encourage you to prepare your documents in advance and upload them when you submit your online application. If you submit your application without the required supporting documents, you may upload the documents soon after by selecting the "Upload Documents" button on the left navigation menu on the web page after you login to MyUET. Your submitted application will be processed promptly and timely as soon as we receive all required documents.

If you do not wish to upload supporting documents, you can submit the documents to the UET customer service office via mail, email or fax at:

Union Education Trust
P.O Box 3270
Westerville, Ohio 43086


Fax: 1-866-436-7983
Email: support@uedtrust.org

Please contact UET customer service at 1-866-436-7900 if you have any questions regarding uploading supporting documents.

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Union Education Trust Board of Trustees:

Christopher A. Mabe, Chair
Carrie Johnson, Trustee
Kathy (Stewart) Gersper, Treasurer
OCSEA/AFSCME Secretary-Treasurer
Michelle Smith, Trustee
Gerard Jolly, Trustee
Tim McAllister, Trustee
Jerry L. Brown, Trustee