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Negotiated and Defended: A Brief Bargaining History of UET

When the state came to the table to negotiate a new contract in 2005, the management proposed eliminating Workforce Development. OCSEA's negotiating team proposed something entirely different: A trust that would be maintained by the union.

"We said 'No problem.' OCSEA took it over and redesigned it as UET," Gersper said.

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Shaping My Future—Melissa Yank

Yank says that OCSEA's negotiated education benefits made achieving her degree a reality.

"Without that benefit, I wouldn’t be where I’m at now," said Yank, who has been a software developer specialist 3 since 2006. "I had so many opportunities because of that. I got my degree, and I was able to promote with that and get into IT."

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Meet Your Trustees—Chris Buccieri

Buccieri has seen how technology and advancements have changed employment in the prison system.

"Education is huge. To be competitive, the workforce needs skills. If you don’t have the education, you’re going to get outpaced," Buccieri said, "whatever age you are, you can’t quit learning."

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Selfie for Success

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