Layoff Policy

Your Opportunities and Responsibilities During Layoff

If you are an eligible State bargaining unit employee who has been laid off, you retain eligibility for several UET programs for up to one calendar year from your date of separation as long as you maintain your recall and re-employment rights. Now might be a good time to develop new skills. During layoff, you can take advantage of the UET Online Career Exploration Tools and many UET educational programs to develop new skills or to sharpen existing skills.

Career Exploration

Take the time to learn about career alternatives and explore education and training options that may help you advance your career toward your next employment opportunity. UET provides you access to an excellent career exploration tool: FOCUS. To access this online tool, you must login to the secure MyUET website. You can login to your MyUET account via the username and password fields in the header..
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UET Educational Assistance Programs

Career Improvement Program (CIP)
-Pays up to $4,000 per fiscal year for tuition and mandatory instructional fees.
CIP programs include:
  • Specialty Education:
    This is a voucher only program. You may be eligible to receive financial assistance to attend Specialty training programs. These programs are non-college credit programs that are designed to meet specific training requirements for current or future State of Ohio government jobs.
  • College Reimbursement Program:
    Participants may attend any school with regional accreditation. The program will reimburse you for tuition and mandatory instructional fees paid for college credit courses.
  • College Credit Voucher Program:
    Two types of vouchers are available through the college credit voucher program. Vouchers may be issued for courses from colleges with regional accreditation or for pre-approved college credit course from a career college.
  • Vocational Education Program:
    This is a voucher only program. Vouchers may be issued for courses from accredited vocational schools and community colleges.
Computer Application Training (CAT)
- Pays up to $750 per fiscal year (up to $200 per course) for computer training.

Professional Enhancement Program (PE)
- Pays up to $1,500 per fiscal year for short term training events such as workshops and conferences.

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Pre-retirement training:

Planning Your Retirement (PYR)
-Laid off employees are eligible to attend the UET pre-retirement training program.