About the Union Education Trust

The Union Education Trust provides a comprehensive program of training initiatives for State of Ohio bargaining unit employees. The Trust develops programs that help bargaining unit employees advance their careers, improve their quality of work life and work towards achieving employment security. Trust programs provide financial assistance to defray the cost of employees participating in education and training programs including:

  1. Basic skills development
  2. Technical and computer skills training
  3. College credit programs
  4. Workshops, conferences and seminars
  5. Vocational and specialty programs

Funding for the Trust is provided through employer contributions negotiated through the collective bargaining agreements.

Eligibility for Financial Education Assistance

All current OCSEA state bargaining unit employees, OCSEA bargaining unit employees in the State of Ohio Treasurer's office, OCSEA bargaining unit employees in the office of the Ohio Attorney General, and CWA bargaining unit employees in the State of Ohio Secretary of State office, who are on the State of Ohio active payroll or who have recall/rehire rights are eligible to participate and receive financial assistance for Union Education Trust programs. Eligible participants must meet specific program criteria and requirements.