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Issue 14: 11/29/2016

Intro to success stories

Intro to success stories

Often hearing how someone achieved a goal inspires others. That’s the objective of sharing Union Education Trust “success stories” here in the online magazine. Eligible state bargaining unit members have participated in UET and want to share what they gained -- and learned.

What’s a “success story?” It’s a story about any eligible state bargaining unit employee who used the UET program to further their education. Sometimes that is a person who has used the Career Improvement Program’s Specialty Education voucher for a training class. Others might try a computer class using Computer Application Training.

Still others, like J. Yvette Brice-Hartley, decide to continue their studies and earn advanced degrees. In this issue, Brice-Hartley shares how she began working for the state of Ohio just after earning her bachelor’s degree. As an eligible state bargaining unit employee in the State Treasurer of Ohio’s office, she decided to continue her studies and earn a master’s degree.

The benefits of going back to school, whether for a one-day training seminar or for a bachelor’s degree, are obvious. New expertise and wisdom changes how work is done and often problems are solved.

Sometimes there are immediate results in the workplace, as Ray McFarland explains how he used skills from a database class to digitize and improve paperwork processes at his state job.

Other times the positive implications of continuing your education are more subtle, such as the camaraderie of Brice-Hartley with her co-workers as she encourages them to improve themselves. Evan Diehl builds up all of his co-workers when he organizes an education night to share information about training opportunities with everyone.

Each of these outcomes benefits all of us as Ohioans, whether we are customers, co-workers, neighbors or family members of these state employees. When the “success story” subjects improve themselves, they improve Ohio state government.

Reading about how these three eligible state bargaining unit employees have used UET may spark ideas with others. As Brice-Hartley said, “Sometimes you need someone to follow.”