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Issue 7: 12/17/2009

Explore and plan your career online through UET’s new tool

Explore and plan your career online through UET’s new tool

With many unfamiliar or large tasks, figuring out where to start can be the greatest challenge. That applies to career planning as well. And while many eligible state bargaining unit employees have used the e-mail or phone career counseling services offered by the Union Education Trust, others may have been reluctant to contact the counselors without a specific question or goal in mind.

There’s a new free service available to all members that will get you past that hurdle and many more: an online career exploration and planning tool. It’s both fun and easy to use: Go to MyUET, register, and try it out. You’ll learn about yourself and your career!

One of the strongest factors in employment security is career planning. Employees who evaluate and map out their careers are prepared for the changing requirements of the workplace. But career planning is a personal thing: Employees must take the initiative to map their educational plan as well as set and pursue their own career goals. The UET empowers eligible state bargaining unit employees by providing you with the tools to set those goals and map out your career and education plans.

To use the new online career exploration and planning tool, members must go online to MyUET, log into your secure account, register at your selected career exploration tool, and do all the career planning and research you want – at any time of day, for a few minutes or a few hours at a time. You don’t have to have a direction or purpose in mind, as much of the tool will lead you through self-assessment to a variety of options and information.

This new feature is actually two similar but separate programs: FOCUS and My Golden Career (MGC). You select whichever one applies to your specific career goals.

FOCUS is for eligible state bargaining unit employees who want to advance their current career. You are on a career track, likely have a college degree or some college credit in your field, and want to move forward in your professional development. You want to focus your exploration, learning more about your chosen career, or expand your horizons by learning about alternative occupations related to your field of study.

On the other hand, if you’d like to consider a new career and broaden your options, then you’ll want to select My Golden Career. This tool is for eligible state bargaining unit employees who wish to explore all the careers and educational options that fit their interests, skills and personality. If you want to change careers or are in transition — due, for example, to dissatisfaction with your current job, a layoff, or future employment outlook, etc. — My Golden Career will show you all the possibilities for your career development plan.

Once you’ve selected either FOCUS or My Golden Career, based on which better fits your situation and goals, you will be steered into a variety of self-assessments and options.

For example, say you are interested in going back to vocational school or college to earn a degree or certificate in a field of study – but you aren’t sure what subject to pursue. What types of jobs are open? What schools offer classes to meet the requirements of those jobs? And what are your skills and interests and will they fit that type of employment? You can answer all those questions by completing the online self assessment and career exploration in My Golden Career. It’s broken down into sections that are then all compiled into your results summary.

Or perhaps you aren’t sure if you’ll need additional schooling for your professional development. You’d like to explore what types of occupations match your credentials and make plans for your future career path. In FOCUS, you can fill out the online career readiness forms and then complete the self assessment to see what you can do with your current degree and interests, learning more about particular occupations, their pay, working conditions, skills required and growth potential.

Using either tool, you’ll answer a series of questions about what you like to do and what your interests are – or aren’t. As you think about what types of work and activities appeal to you, the online program is compiling a picture of what type of work fits your personality and skills. Your results are customized to your profile.

And you can re-take any of the assessments any time, moving through the information and sections as you choose. There are links to outside resources such as job databases and professional associations. As with all Union Education Trust features, the online career exploration and planning tool is completely confidential.

So, log in to the secure MyUET, register and begin your career exploration. At any point as you are using the online tool, feel free to contact the career counseling hotline to discuss your results and/or questions in a one-on-one conversation with a professional career counselor. You may call career counseling at 1-800-980-6973 weekdays from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. or e-mail at uet.career@pickawayross.com.