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Issue 11: 4/3/2014

Are you a new OCSEA member?

Are you a new OCSEA member?

Your first day at your state of Ohio job probably was busy with learning about the workplace and its processes and procedures.

But did you learn that from that day one as an eligible state bargaining unit employee you can participate in the Union Education Trust and all its benefits? There is no probationary period for UET: Eligible state bargaining unit employees can take advantage of the education benefit immediately.

Many OCSEA chapter presidents are working hard to share information about UET and how the union promotes lifelong learning. They tell the new state employees that their OCSEA membership gives them access to $4,250 divided into three programs per fiscal year:

  • Career Improvement Program (CIP): $2,500
  • Computer Application Training (CAT): $750
  • Professional Enhancement Program (PE): $1,000

“We direct them to the [UET] website to show them what they get and how to get it,” said Debra King-Hutchinson, president of OCSEA Chapter 2599.

King-Hutchinson works to make it a friendly, celebratory atmosphere when she or another representative conducts the OCSEA New Employee Orientation. That’s a separate meeting from the state orientation, which does not cover UET benefits.

“It’s really an event,” King-Hutchinson said, explaining that the monthly meeting with new hires is a fun and informative time. “They get all the brochures about the UET. They come to learn what the program is about. I always try to add my two cents!”

The chapter presidents conducting the NEO understand the value of UET and union membership.

“I tell them about the benefits of joining the union,” said Jerry Lugo, president of OCSEA Chapter 3200. “I tell them about the next chapter meeting and I give them my phone number.”

Some of what the chapter presidents explain to the new eligible state bargaining unit employees is that UET will improve their quality of work life and assist with achieving employment security. Trust programs provide financial assistance to defray the cost of employees participating in training programs including basic skills development; technical and computer skills training; college classes; workshops, conferences and seminars; and vocational and specialty programs.

For all the new state employees, these are valuable opportunities. The adage about taking time for you – to further your education and improve your job skills – is important for these people who are employed serving the citizens of Ohio.