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Issue 17: 5/31/2018

 UET Trustees Thank the OCSEA Negotiations Team

 UET Trustees Thank the OCSEA Negotiations Team

“You did it again!       Thank you!”


That’s what the UET Board of Trustees, on behalf of all OCSEA members and especially UET participants, is saying to the OCSEA State Negotiations Team.


“You protected our benefit allowing us to advance our careers, better ourselves, enhance our agency workplaces, and improve our ability to serve the citizens of Ohio.”


The OCSEA Negotiations Team understands the value of UET and how it affords eligible state bargaining unit employees the opportunity to achieve their goals — whether a one-time professional development class or a long-term degree program — through the financial assistance of UET. The team protected UET, making sure it remained in the contract for years to come.


With the ratification of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), UET is secure for the term of the new contract, thanks to the OCSEA Negotiations Team. Now is the perfect time for you to use this important benefit.


UET has helped thousands of union members through the years and is now secure to be utilized by many more. We encourage you to share the information about this great benefit with your union chapter members.


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