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Issue 18: 8/30/2019

  • Carrie Johnson

    When Union Education Trust Trustee Carrie Johnson graduated from high school, she knew full-time college wasn’t the right choice for her at that time.

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  • Christopher Mabe

    OCSEA President and Union Education Trust Board Chair, Christopher Mabe, praises the union-negotiated UET for its availability and variety as well as its ease of use.

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  • Gerard (Rocky) Jolly

    OCSEA Union Education Trust Trustee Gerard (Rocky) Jolly leads by example.

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  • Jerry Brown

    There were several directions in which state employee, union activist and OCSEA Union Education Trust Trustee, Jerry Brown’s career could have gone.

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  • Kathy (Stewart) Gersper

    OCSEA Secretary-Treasurer and Union Education Trust Trustee Kathy (Stewart) Gersper hears tales all the time from retired State employees about what it was like working for the State of Ohio before the union, OCSEA, protected workers.

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  • Michelle Smith

    Union Education Trust Trustee Michelle Smith not only serves on the education program’s board, but she’s also an avid user of the benefit.

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  • Tim McAllister

    Union Education Trust Trustee Tim McAllister began working at the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation during summers as a student while he studied at Bowling Green State University.

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