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Issue 22: 9/7/2023

  • Shaping My Future—Mason Harris

    Mason Harris has had a busy first year working for the state of Ohio. The Union Education Trust helped make it a lot easier.

    “Being able to use UET funding has allowed my fiancé and me to plan our future together without having to consider repaying student loan debt from my graduate coursework,” Harris said. “I think it goes without saying that is a huge weight off our shoulders, and great reason for anyone to look into the many UET programs.”

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  • Meet Your Trustees—Sherry Little

    Sherry Little is enthusiastic about her new role as a Union Education Trust Trustee because it focuses on her favorite thing: helping people.

    “What makes it a good program is that it gives our members the opportunity to reach their educational goals,” Little said. “They can achieve goals that they might have thought were unachievable.”

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