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Issue 4: 12/3/2007
Two new trustees support the goals of the Trust
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Two new trustees have been appointed to the Union Education Trust’s Board of Trustees, the group that governs the program. Laura Morris and Tracy Cutright, both OCSEA/AFSMCE State Board members, joined the UET Board in September.

Morris and Cutright serve with Director Eddie Parks, Treasurer Kathy Stewart, and Trustee Terry Hollon.

The five trustees are responsible for developing UET features and policies, as well as managing its financial resources.

Both Trustees Morris and Cutright are strong advocates of lifelong learning and the union.

“UET gives employees the opportunity and additional finances to achieve a degree or new skill, or other goal they want to attain,” Morris said. “Everybody  has a vision, has a goal.”

Morris, a management analyst at the Ohio Department of Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities’ Central Office, has been employed by the state for 20 years. She was a union education advocate for the nine years of the Workforce Development program, before the establishment of the UET.

Morris has served as the State Office Tower (OCSEA Chapter 2545) Chapter’s president, treasurer, 2nd vice president, 1st vice president, executive board member and steward. She was elected to the OCSEA/AFSCME State Board in 2004 and re-elected in 2007.

Cutright has participated in the UET program, earning his bachelor’s degree in business administration/management this year after seven years of balancing work, family, union responsibilities and school.

“It’s really important to go back to school, if for nothing else, for your own piece of mind,” Cutright said.

Cutright, a corrections officer at Belmont Correction Institute, has worked for the state for 14 years. He has served as Belmont Chapter 0710 vice president, board member, and chief steward. He also was elected to the OCSEA/AFSCME State Board in 2004 and re-elected in 2007.

Cutright says that lifelong learning is important: “You need it today for job promotions.”