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Issue 4: 12/3/2007

For your security

For your security

As today’s criminals become more technology savvy, it’s important for any entity dealing with people’s personal information to stay several steps ahead of them. The state of Ohio data security breach was a frightening reminder for everyone to be vigilant with how personal information is used and how available it is.

The security of UET participants is a high priority to the UET Trustees. That’s why there have been privacy controls in place since the program began: No managerial approval is needed for participation and grades are released only to the student and UET. When you apply online, the MyUET site is secure. Your information cannot be seen by anyone other than you and UET.

To make the personal information of UET participants even more secure, the UET is in the process of redesigning its database to identify bargaining unit employees by their state employee identification number. Social security numbers will not be required to access the database or to apply for applications online (or on paper).

You can find your employee identification number on your pay stub. If you don’t receive a hard copy of your pay stub, you can access it through the Ohio Administrative Knowledge System at www.oaks.ohio.gov.

In the near future, when you go to MyUET on www.uedtrust.org, you will type in your employee identification number to access your private information and to apply online. Watch your Union Bulletin Boards and the UET website for updates.

Your personal identification security is very important and the UET continues to use every safeguard to protect your information.