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Issue 2: 12/1/2006

Keys to submitting a complete PE application

Keys to submitting a complete PE application

Timing and documentation are everything when it comes to getting your application approved through the Professional Enhancement (PE) Program. The Union Education Trust is making that outcome as easy as possible.

There are two ways to receive funding for the PE: pre-payment or reimbursement. To have your conference, seminar or short-term training paid for before you participate in it, apply at least a month before the event. Along with the PE application with the pre-payment side checked,

  • Send us a description of the training – often the brochure for the course fulfills this requirement.
  • Show what type of credentials are awarded for the training (often CEUs) – this may be printed in the brochure as well.
  • Include registration information– filled out and signed. The UET will be sending it in for you.
  • Show us how much the training costs.

If you can't find information about the credentials awarded for the training or wish to request a review of the training for PE approval even if credentials are not awarded, simply mark the box in the middle of the application. The UET customer service representatives will follow up on your behalf and conduct a training review.

Once your application and documentation are received and approved, UET will register you for the training.

You will know that you are registered when you receive an attendance verification form from UET mailed to your home address. You must take the form to the training with you and it must be completed by the training provider. Take the course and afterwards, send the completed attendance verification form back to UET.

This form is needed to be on file, so that you can participate in future PE programs. The employee must return the signed attendance verification form to UET within 30 calendar days after the training or educational event. Failure to do so may result in UET not providing financial assistance for future use of the PE pre-pay option events for 12 calendar months from the date of the event.

If, for any reason, UET is unable to prepay, you will be notified by mail. It is possible that reimbursement may be an option.

For reimbursement after the training, complete the PE application with the reimbursement side checked and send in the same documentation listed above and

  • Show us you paid for the event: a credit card statement or cancelled check (both sides).
  • Description of training event
  • Include a copy of the credentials or certificate you earned for the training – whether it is CEUs or CLEs or a certificate.
  • Documentation such as a certificate or attendance verification form that showed you attended the training.