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Issue 2: 12/1/2006

The new, and improved, Professional Enhancement Program

The new, and improved, Professional Enhancement Program

Take advantage of UET's conference, seminar and short-term training benefit.

Possibly the most user-friendly feature of the Professional Enhancement (PE) Program is a small box in the very middle of the application. That's the box applicants should mark if they are requesting a training review.

What that means is that – like all Union Education Trust programs – the PE program is focused on customer service and what members want and need. The PE program is very similar to its predecessor, Workforce Development's PDP, but it has several key enhancements, mainly in its application process, that make a difference to members.

The PE program is now easier to apply for and participate in. There is only one application for PE, whether you are applying for a pre-payment prior to the class or a reimbursement afterwards. It's succinct and requests information that is easily obtained by the applicant. See "Keys to submitting a complete PE application" or PE FAQ.

If credentials such as continuing education units are not awarded for the conference, seminar or short-term training program you are requesting, be sure to mark that small box at the middle of the application. The training event will be reviewed by an independent third party to ensure the program includes accepted instructional practices. In the past, having no credentials awarded for a course often meant the application was rejected.

For example, an EMT course does not award CEUs, but participants can earn a CPR certificate upon completion. These types of trainings are available through the PE program – you just need to apply and request the review.

The PE program offers up to a total of $1,000 per fiscal year for conference, seminar or short-term training programs related to state of Ohio jobs. For more details, see the PE Q&A.