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Issue 9: 2/2/2012

UET to reduce Career Improvement Program funding

UET to reduce Career Improvement Program funding

The Union Education Trust was established in 2006 to provide career development opportunities for State of Ohio bargaining unit employees and, in the past six years, the Trust has rolled out new programs and additional features for the ever-increasing number of UET participants.

However, while education costs have continued to increase, the contributions the Trust receives have decreased. This is due to fewer state employees with no increase in monthly contributions (per the 2012-2015 OCSEA collective bargaining agreement). As a result, the Trustees were forced to make the necessary program adjustments to keep a strong UET program.

Simply put, the Trust receives $19 per member per month and is paying out $23.21 per member per month to operate. This means the Trust will have to reduce the Career Improvement Program to $2,500 per fiscal year, effective July 1, 2012 to ensure solvency. This announcement is being made now to give all UET participants time to better plan for the next school year.

As vigilant stewards of UET, the Trustees have explored several budget scenarios including combining the three financial assistance programs – the Career Improvement Program, the Computer Application Training Program and the Professional Enhancement Program – into one funding stream. Using statistical projections, the Trustees identified that the best way to provide the maximum amount of funding is to keep each program separate. Like their health insurance, members contribute to the fund and each can use it when they need it. UET will continue to offer the other two programs at the current funding levels: The Professional Enhancement will remain at $1,000 per fiscal year and the Computer Application Training programs will remain at $750 per fiscal year.

Safeguarding our members’ access to career development and training is the Trust’s highest priority. This funding adjustment will ensure bargaining unit employees can advance their careers, improve their quality of work life and work towards achieving employment security – shaping their future for tomorrow’s jobs…today.