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Issue 10: 8/6/2013

Be cautious when signing college paperwork

Be cautious when signing college paperwork

Unless you’re a highly recruited athlete, there is no such thing as signing a commitment letter to attend a college or technical school for OCSEA members!

This is important for state bargaining unit employees to know, because there are some unscrupulous schools that will try to get you to sign a long-term agreement with them. Be cautious before signing anything.

Read through all paperwork and make sure you understand what the school’s responsibility is to you as well as what you’re agreeing to. Most schools won’t require you to sign any type of agreement. And all schools should share information about their classes and programs without any commitment.

If you have any questions about paperwork or agreements, contact the Union Education Trust Career Counseling at (800) 980-6973 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. or by e-mail to uet.career@pickawayross.com

What should raise a red flag? Any paperwork that states that you are agreeing to attend a particular school and use your UET voucher at that school. Some schools will pressure OCSEA members to sign a contract that although they might not be enrolling in the upcoming semester, they will use their voucher to attend that school when they do enroll. That’s like signing over a blank check to the school and it’s unethical of the college and violates the UET program guidelines.

Keep in mind that if you sign a contract with the school that you will be responsible for all associated cost charged by the school.