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Issue 11: 4/3/2014

Use your school’s career center

Use your school’s career center

There’s a resource for your career development that you may not have considered: your college or school’s career center. If you aren’t currently taking a course at a school, your prospective or even potential educational institution’s career counselors can offer a great deal of assistance to you as you consider how to pursue further training.

School career centers offer a variety of services, such as helping students decide on courses or fields of study, improve their interviewing skills or write a resume. In addition, you can find information on career paths and trends.

The counselors at the centers also help with resources to explore your interests and skills. It’s well worth stopping by or scheduling an appointment with a center advisor or counselor.

But if that’s difficult to fit into your day, the Union Education Trust also offers an online career exploration tool available at MyUET, which is available any time that you have a few minutes to go to the UET website.

This feature is actually two similar but separate programs: FOCUS and My Golden Career (MGC). You select whichever one applies to your specific career goals. FOCUS is for eligible state bargaining unit employees who want to advance their current career. You want to focus your exploration, learning more about your chosen career, or expand your horizons by learning about alternative occupations related to your field of study.

On the other hand, if you’d like to consider a new career and broaden your options, then you’ll want to select My Golden Career. This tool is for eligible state bargaining unit employees who wish to explore all the careers and educational options that fit their interests, skills and personality.

Both programs offer a variety of self-assessments and options, and are completely confidential. There are links to outside resources such as job databases and professional associations.