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Issue 11: 4/3/2014

How to beat the “same-old-same-old”

How to beat the “same-old-same-old”

There is always room for improvement and this applies to people’s job skills as well. The Union Education Trust has features that are ideal for assisting eligible state bargaining unit employees to enhance their job skills.

One of the greatest challenges today for employees is to stay current with new technology. Software and hardware are continuously updated with new features and improved capabilities. Or perhaps you are self-taught and suspect there may be more efficient ways to achieve the same results through the technology. Enhancing computer skills is a lifelong process.

In both cases, UET’s Computer Application Training is ideal for eligible state bargaining unit employees to take a course on an updated platform or learn the ins and outs of technology. UET provides pre-paid financial assistance – up to $750 per fiscal year – for eligible state bargaining unit employees who enroll in approved CAT courses at participating computer training institutions.

Consider if there is a skill that would be useful for you to have for your job. It may even be more of a “soft skill” rather than a certificate or license. Identify a challenge or weakness and address it with a course. For example, could you use some brushing up on public speaking or leadership training?

Or evaluate what job skills you need to be promoted. Is there training that will assist you as you develop your career?

UET’s Professional Enhancement Program provides financial assistance – up to $1,000 per fiscal year – for eligible employees who attend conferences, seminars, and short-term training programs related to state of Ohio jobs.

The result is a win-win for employers and employees. When you enhance your job skills as an employee, you stimulate your creativity and energize yourself. Often, you see your job in a new light and are motivated. Employers gain a more productive and focused worker.