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Issue 1: 10/6/2006

Meet your UET trustees: Ron Alexander

Meet your UET trustees: Ron Alexander

“We were lucky to get an education program in place considering the challenges the State put forth during bargaining,” Alexander says. “As far as the state was concerned, they wanted to eliminate WD, leaving our members without any education benefits   Educational benefits are one of the most important benefits this union has won through collective bargaining. There was no way we were going to accept management’s proposal. Educational benefits for our members are worth fighting for and we are very happy we were successful during bargaining.” 

“At one time, we could promise job security by belonging to a union. Now, we can only promise employment security. The way to achieve employment security is through having access to develop the skills and knowledge for tomorrow’s jobs today. The UET is designed to let you do just that!”

“We had to go back to square one, and begin to build a new and improved educational benefit program and that is what we have done,” Alexander says. “We have confronted many challenges in establishing the UET  but I’m excited because it’s going to grow over time to become a premier education program . Now that the Union has the control over this benefit, we will not let that benefit go.”


Ron Alexander has been OCSEA president since 1984 and has served on the OCSEA Board of Directors continuously since 1978. A design engineer 2 for the Ohio Department of Transportation and a member of the Central Ohio Chapter 2513, Alexander has been active in the union for more than 30 years.

Alexander has served on every standing committee of the OCSEA board and has served as president during every negotiation since 1986. He also served as OCSEA’s interim executive director for more than a year while that position was vacant. He is a founding trustee to the OCSEA Benefits Trust.

Alexander is an international vice president to the AFSCME Executive Board and serves as chair of AFSCME’s National Professional Advisory Committee. He also is a board member of the Ohio AFL-CIO.

Alexander is chair of the board of the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System and a member of the Ohio Deferred Compensation Board.