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As part of our ongoing efforts to share information, the UET Online Magazine features important announcements on events and learning opportunities for bargaining unit employees. Listed below are links to specific timely information for UET Members. Create or update your User Profile by clicking MyUET to receive program updates and the UET Online Magazine by e-mail.

Issue 1: 10/6/2006

  • Welcome from President Ron Alexander

    Welcome to the Union Education Trust’s online magazine. This is the place to come for in-depth articles on the UET program’s features and people, as well as more general topics such as preparing to return to school and what types of training are available.

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  • Where Is Workforce Development?

    The Union Education Trust was formed to provide educational assistance benefits to bargaining unit employees to fill the void left by the dissolution of Workforce Development (WD).

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  • How to Get the Most out of Your UET Benefit

    The new programs offered by the Union Education Trust can benefit everyone. However for you to get the most from the educational assistance offered through the UET, you must become a wise consumer of education products.

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  • The UET: A Member-focused Education Program

    For well over a decade, OCSEA has been promoting continuing education and training for employment security. All the programs were joint labor/management initiatives.

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  • Meet your UET trustees: Ron Alexander

    “We were lucky to get an education program in place considering the challenges the State put forth during bargaining,” Alexander says. “As far as the state was concerned, they wanted to eliminate WD, leaving our members without any education benefits Educational benefits are one of the most important benefits this union has won through collective bargaining.

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  • Meet your UET trustees: Eddie Parks

    “I strongly feel that the OCSEA Union Education Trust is the best thing that has happened to OCSEA members in the last 10 years,” Parks says. “It gives every member a chance to better him or herself by providing a way for members to go back to school for a degree or just to take courses to help them move up the career ladder.”

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  • Meet your UET trustees: Kathy Stewart

    “Union Education Trust provides an awesome opportunity for all of our members. They have the opportunity to go to college and get their degrees or certifications. Many wouldn’t be able to without this program,” Stewart says. “It has been proven that once you return to school, you have more interest in work. It’s a mind-set.”

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  • Meet your UET trustees: Terry Hollon

    “I always have and always will support the efforts by our union to provide education benefits for our members. The UET is a valuable resource for our members Hollon says. “As trustees, we will go out of our way to meet the needs and expectations of members.”

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  • Meet your UET trustees: Cindy Robertson

    “With the Union Education Trust, decisions are made by the union trustees. We no longer have to negotiate with the state and hope they buy in to our members’ needs,” Robertson says. “We have a great team of people and they are committed to the program and making it work.”

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  • Meet your UET trustees: Debra King

    “With the changing workforce, our members have been given extra duties without extra money. When that happens, people are anxious about how they will get ahead. With the Union Education Trust, you can go anywhere you want in the state and learn to do anything, and I think that’s exciting,” King says. “We cover a broad spectrum of things we didn’t before.”

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