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Issue 1: 10/6/2006

Meet your UET trustees: Cindy Robertson

Meet your UET trustees: Cindy Robertson

“With the Union Education Trust, decisions are made by the union trustees. We no longer have to negotiate with the state and hope they buy in to our members’ needs,” Robertson says. “We have a great team of people and they are committed to the program and making it work.”

“UET offers so much. We’ve gone live with online vouchers now – I really like that feature. Members don’t have to wait on U.S. mail to receive their voucher. This eliminates a two-to-four-day wait time. I think it’s a great program and people should take advantage of it.”


Cindy Robertson served on the OCSEA/State of Ohio Workforce Development Steering Committee. She currently is employed in the Employee Development and Training/Quality Programs Division of the Ohio Department of Taxation. She has worked for the state for 29 years.

Robertson is vice president of the State Office Tower Chapter 2545. She is the statewide union coordinator for QStP. She also is the co-leader of the Performance Excellence Program, one of Taxation’s employee recognition programs.