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Issue 1: 10/6/2006

Meet your UET trustees: Terry Hollon

Meet your UET trustees: Terry Hollon

“I always have and always will support the efforts by our union to provide education benefits for our members. The UET is a valuable resource for our members Hollon says. “As trustees, we will go out of our way to meet the needs and expectations of members.”

“The UET is a great thing to help us move forward towards achieving our career goals.”


Terry Hollon served on the OCSEA/State of Ohio Workforce Development Steering Committee since its inception in 1997. A corrections officer at Pickaway Correctional Institution, Hollon has worked for the state for 22 years.

Hollon is currently an executive board member of his chapter at PCI as well as chief steward. He serves on the Labor/Management Committee at Pickaway and is a delegate to the OCSEA Corrections Assembly. In the past, Hollon has been an OCSEA Board of Directors member, president and vice president of the PCI chapter, and served on several State Board committees.