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Issue 1: 10/6/2006

Meet your UET trustees: Kathy Stewart

Meet your UET trustees: Kathy Stewart

“Union Education Trust provides an awesome opportunity for all of our members. They have the opportunity to go to college and get their degrees or certifications. Many wouldn’t be able to without this program,” Stewart says. “It has been proven that once you return to school, you have more interest in work. It’s a mind-set.”

“Most of what we do for the citizens of Ohio is done in the private sector. It’s up to us to stay competitive. We can’t stay competitive unless we stay educated.”


Kathy Stewart is the OCSEA secretary-treasurer. She is a construction project coordinator for the State Architect’s Office, a division of the Ohio Department of Administrative Services. She has been with ODAS since 1974 and an OCSEA steward since 1986.

Stewart sits on the Union Benefits Trust board, is vice president of the Ohio AFL-CIO, vice president of the State Union Label and is treasurer of the Union Label and Service Trades Council of Central Ohio.

Within OCSEA, Stewart also chairs the Women’s Action Committee and the Finance Committee. Prior to holding her statewide office, she was president of DAS Chapter 2570 and secretary of District 6 Council.