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Issue 1: 10/6/2006

Where Is Workforce Development?

Where Is Workforce Development?

The Union Education Trust was formed to provide educational assistance benefits to bargaining unit employees to fill the void left by the dissolution of Workforce Development (WD). It is important to note that the UET did not take over WD. The UET is a brand new program. 

So what happened to WD?

According to the collective bargaining agreement under Article 37, Workforce Development would cease to offer educational assistance after June 30, 2006. Some programs were eliminated prior to that date. Some are still in the process of ending: several liabilities and the repayment of computer purchase loans must be resolved before WD is dissolved in its entirety. The obligation for resolving these issues and administering any unfinished WD business is the responsibility of the State of Ohio – not the UET.

The State of Ohio has assumed all liabilities and the responsibility to administer any unfinished WD business. They have contracted with a third-party vendor to help process WD transactions.

The State has set up a telephone number to call if you have any unfinished WD business. Bargaining unit employees who have inquiries about their computer loans, reimbursement for classes taken prior to July 1, 2006, or any questions about the old WD program are directed to call (248) 729-2375 for assistance.

Although the UET is not involved in any way with the old WD program, we will always advocate for our members. If you are experiencing any problems with WD, you may call OCSEA at (800) 969-4702, ext. 2645, and we will advocate for you to help resolve your unfinished WD business.