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As part of our ongoing efforts to share information, the UET Online Magazine features important announcements on events and learning opportunities for bargaining unit employees. Listed below are links to specific timely information for UET Members. Create or update your User Profile by clicking MyUET to receive program updates and the UET Online Magazine by e-mail.

Issue 1: 10/6/2006

Welcome from President Ron Alexander

Welcome from President Ron Alexander

Welcome to the Union Education Trust’s online magazine. This is the place to come for in-depth articles on the UET program’s features and people, as well as more general topics such as preparing to return to school and what types of training are available.

We intend for this site to be a useful tool that is timely and informative. Because it is developed and written by union staff, it is focused on you, our members, as consumers of education services.

This is just one more way – in addition to the quality education programs and features that UET has already rolled out in its first year of existence – that the UET is a dynamic benefit. We may be back to square one in terms of creating an education benefit, but we’ve heard what the members want and we’re making it happen for you.

And it’s time to get creative. That’s why we’re offering electronic vouchers in addition to traditional paper vouchers by mail. Taking advantage of technology enables us to deliver services to our members faster and more efficiently.

The UET online magazine is similar in that it eliminates the delay (and expense) of printing and mailing a publication to you. Also, as with many UET features, there are fewer steps between conceiving an article and posting it online. And no red tape.

I hope you find plenty of useful and interesting reading in the UET online magazine. If you have suggestions for story ideas or feedback from published articles, e-mail UET at support@UedTrust.org.