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Issue 3: 5/28/2007

It’s easy to apply for the Career Improvement Program

It’s easy to apply for the Career Improvement Program

There are several keys to submitting a complete Career Improvement Program (CIP) application for the Union Education Trust. The application is available for submission online, or it can be printed out and mailed or faxed in.

The same application is used for any of the CIP programs – simply check the box next to the program you plan to use: College Credit Voucher Program, College Credit Reimbursement Program, Vocational Education Program, or Specialty Education Program.

For any of these programs, it is important to have the term or class start date. For the College Credit Voucher Program, you should double check that you’ve selected the correct quarter or semester and program type (continuing education, bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree, etc.). You will also need to know the course name and number, which are listed in the school’s course description. Course descriptions are listed in course catalogs or on the school’s Web site.

For the College Credit Reimbursement Program, use the course description to complete the course information section of the application. Also, include the fee schedule information.

Most importantly for the College Credit Reimbursement Program, your application must include the grade you received for the class. You can submit your official report card or grade report for this. Also include a paid statement, whether it is a cancelled check, credit card statement or similar proof of payment.

If you have any questions when filling out your CIP application, contact UET at (866) 436-7900 or by e-mail at support@uedtrust.org.