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As part of our ongoing efforts to share information, the UET Online Magazine features important announcements on events and learning opportunities for bargaining unit employees. Listed below are links to specific timely information for UET Members. Create or update your User Profile by clicking MyUET to receive program updates and the UET Online Magazine by e-mail.

Issue 3: 5/28/2007

  • Apply for additional CIP funds through Supplemental Reimbursement

    The UET has increased the Career Improvement Program (CIP) benefit to $2,250 and is making the additional $250 in funds available to qualified participants now through the Supplemental Reimbursement Program.

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  • Career Improvement Program focuses on members’ needs

    Career Improvement (CIP) is the program for members who want to go back to school to earn a degree or take a college class. It also features voucher-only specialty education and vocation education programs.

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  • It’s easy to apply for the Career Improvement Program

    There are several keys to submitting a complete Career Improvement Program (CIP) application for the Union Education Trust. The application is available for submission online, or it can be printed out and mailed or faxed in.

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  • Career Improvement Program helps members achieve their education goals

    The easiest part of going back to school is filling out the Union Education Trust application and receiving your voucher or reimbursement. "It’s gone quite smoothly for me," said Todd Jones, a clerk 3 at the Ohio Industrial Commission. "It’s very easy to do…”

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  • Translate life experience into college credit

    Many workers have learned skills and information on the job – learning to do their job better or staying current with software and technology. That life and work experience can translate into college credit, and not just from the school of hard knocks, but from many public and private colleges and universities.

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