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Issue 3: 5/28/2007

Apply for additional CIP funds through Supplemental Reimbursement

Apply for additional CIP funds through Supplemental Reimbursement

The UET has increased the Career Improvement Program (CIP) benefit to $2,250 and is making the additional $250 in funds available to qualified participants now through the Supplemental Reimbursement Program.

Careful fiscal management and focus on members’ needs by the UET Trustees has made the increase to $2,250 per fiscal year possible. Participants who have exhausted their CIP financial assistance prior to May 1, 2007, may request additional funds up to $250 through the UET Supplemental Reimbursement Program.

“This increase in funding ensures that eligible state bargaining unit employees have additional resources to access life-long learning opportunities,” said OCSEA President and UET Board of Trustees Chair Ron Alexander. “That is critical to our employment security.”
The Supplemental Reimbursement Program allows employees who received partial funding for a CIP voucher or reimbursement during FY07 to request up to an additional $250 in financial assistance. The CIP programs include College Credit Voucher (CV), College Credit Reimbursement (CR), Career College Voucher (CCV), Specialty Education (SE) and Vocational Education (VE). Click here for more information about the CIP program.

The funds can be applied to costs paid on a partially funded CIP course for tuition, lab fees and computer technology fees.

To be eligible for the Supplemental Reimbursement Program, you must:

  • Be an eligible state bargaining unit employee as of May 1, 2007;
  • Have exhausted your $2,000 CIP limit available prior to the increase during FY07;
  • Have received a CIP voucher or CIP reimbursement from UET for partial payment of approved CIP courses; and
  • Provide proof of payment (a copy of your paid statement, credit card receipt; or both sides of the cancelled check).

The application process is easy and quick: You can download the application form [link] or call the UET hotline at (866) 436-7900. Applications must be submitted between May 1, 2007 and October 31, 2007. Both the Supplemental Reimbursement Application and proof of payment are required.