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Issue 6: 10/1/2008

Making a plan for retirement

Making a plan for retirement

All the terms about life after retirement bring to mind the peacefulness of relaxing on a porch and watching the sun set: “golden years,” “in the twilight of your life,” and “old age creeping up.”

Statistically, people are living longer than in previous generations. With advances in medical care, those years after we retire from our lifelong career promise to be active and enjoyable. Perhaps it’s the Baby Boomer mentality or perhaps it’s just that everyone today is used to the conveniences of technology. Either way, few people really plan to spend the last 20-30 years of their life sitting in a rocking chair.

And the reality is that we all know we need to be financially sound for that time.

It’s been said that people looking into a second career at retirement age are one of two extremes: either those who can’t afford to retire or those who want to stay active, mentally and physically.

The Union Education Trust has a program for eligible bargaining unit members, no matter which camp you might fall into in the future. The Pre-Retirement Training program is free and open to members and their spouses or significant others. It’s a 12-hour program over two days (the next scheduled training is Jan. 30-31, 2009) that helps you identify your retirement needs and design a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals in retirement. It discusses finances, physical and mental health, lifestyles and opportunities.

According to an article on CNNMoney.com, about 25 percent of current retirees have gone on to work for pay in a second career, either full time or part time. Others become active in volunteer work.

In addition to the Pre-Retirement Training, the UET can help members plan ahead for retirement through other programs. The Career Counseling Services’ counselors can help you update your resume so that it looks fresh and up-to-date and uses language that shows you are flexible and eager to learn.

The Computer Application Training offers you $750 per fiscal year for computer training. Are you current with your technology knowledge? This will help you now and after retirement.

No one knows what their life will look like in five, 10, or 15 years. But having a plan for retirement – and keeping it flexible – will ensure that those years of your life truly are golden.

To register for the next training, held on Jan. 30-31, 2009, call 1(800) 969-4702, ext. 2645.