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Issue 6: 10/1/2008

One way to save money on textbooks

One way to save money on textbooks

Forget parking fees, pens, paper or printing costs. The biggest expense, after tuition, to attending college or vocational training is textbooks.

To add insult to injury, they are heavy, intimidating and fast out of date. However, electronic textbooks aren’t. While they have their own drawbacks (like needing power and a user who is comfortable with technology), they are a cost-saving way to read the course material.

With that in mind, the Ohio Board of Regents’ University System of Ohio now offers a discount on electronic books in an agreement with the nation’s leading publishers.

The discounts amount to 50 percent or more off the print price of the majority of active textbooks to students enrolled in public and private colleges and universities and adult learning programs.

This is the first partnership between a university system and CourseSmart (a partnership of six major textbook publishers), which will offer nearly all of its digital textbooks at discounts of 50 to 55 percent off the new print price list. CourseSmart currently offers more than 4,000 titles, and over time more text books will be included in the program so that the opportunity for student savings will increase.

Using http://textbooks.uso.edu, students can purchase textbooks through CourseSmart's catalogue. Students will also have the opportunity to save through CourseSmart at campus bookstores participating in the program.

CourseSmart eTextbooks are digital versions of print textbooks enhanced with features such as high-speed search and electronic note-taking. You can either view the textbook online through a Web browser or download the textbook to your computer to view for the length of your subscription.

These electronic books support note taking, bookmarking and searching – ideal study aids when organizing your studying or preparing for a test. These digital texts are the ecological choice, but if you want to print several or many pages of the text, you can do that too. There are no shipping charges or time delays involved.

Through a separate partnership with XanEdu, the national leader in "course packs" (articles, cases, textbook chapters, and other copyrighted materials), students will also now have increased access to more digital materials that supplement textbooks.

The University System of Ohio consists of 14 universities, 24 branch campuses, 23 community colleges, and more than 200 adult workforce education centers and training programs. For more information, visit www.uso.edu.