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Issue 6: 10/1/2008

  • Career Improvement Program increased to $3,500

    The Union Education Trustees have increased the Career Improvement Program to $3,500 per fiscal year – effective immediately. The increase in funding means that each eligible state bargaining unit employee now has a total of $5,250 available.

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  • Making a plan for retirement

    All the terms about life after retirement bring to mind the peacefulness of relaxing on a porch and watching the sun set: “golden years,” “in the twilight of your life,” and “old age creeping up.” Statistically, people are living longer than in previous generations.

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  • One way to save money on textbooks

    Forget parking fees, pens, paper or printing costs. The biggest expense, after tuition, to attending college or vocational training is textbooks. To add insult to injury, they are heavy, intimidating and fast out of date. However, electronic textbooks aren’t. While they have their own drawbacks (like needing power and a user who is comfortable with technology), they are a cost-saving way to read the course material. With that in mind, the Ohio Board of Regents’ University System of Ohio now offers a discount on electronic books in an agreement with the nation’s leading publishers.

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  • Back to school for adult learners, too

    It’s August and the stores are full with back-to-school wardrobes and supplies. If you’re a parent, you’ve likely looked through fliers to find the best prices on all the notebooks, pencils, folders and art supplies that your child is required to bring in on the first day of classes. For some people, it all brings back memories of the excitement of finding out your teacher and seeing friends again. For others, perhaps more of a feeling of dread that the freedom of summer is over and the challenges of schooling are back.Either way, have you considered returning to school yourself? On your own terms?

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