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Issue 5: 6/13/2008

  • Educational Assistance and Income Taxes


    UET has dedicated the articles in this issue to helping members navigate complex taxable educational benefits.

    Download and print the Educational Benefit Tax Exemption Form
    Download and print the FAQ Sheet & Flowchart

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  • The volatile history of a piece of IRS law

    It’s just a small paragraph in the U.S. Internal Revenue Service code called Section 127. What it essentially says is that, currently, employees can be reimbursed by their employer for up to $5,250 per year for educational expenditures – and it will be tax-free.

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  • Not in the holiday spirit: Taxes taken out for everyone last fall

    2007 was the inaugural year for the Ohio Administrative Knowledge System (OAKS) – one full of working out kinks and errors. That process had a huge impact on many Union Education Trust participants when the end of the year came.

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  • A better way to determine taxes on educational assistance benefits

    The Union Education Trust determined that what had happened to many UET participants in fall 2007, when they were hit with an unexpected tax bill, should not ever happen again. A permanent fix was needed – one that enabled members to proactively figure out their tax obligations and ensure that they didn’t needlessly pay taxes that they shouldn’t.

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  • Educate yourself by doing your homework

    Does the new Educational Benefit Tax Exemption Form apply to you? Should you submit a form for the course(s) when you receive a UET voucher?

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