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Issue 13: 3/17/2016

Members get access to additional technology training through enhanced SE-IT program

Members get access to additional technology training through enhanced SE-IT program

The Union Education Trust (UET) Trustees understand that there are particular education needs within the Information Technology (IT) field for our members and have looked for ways to enhance UET to meet those needs. It’s important that members can access their benefits and participate in UET to gain employment security.

That’s why UET has rolled out new program features: The program enhancement offers members a new prepayment option in addition to the existing voucher program as well as access to a wider range of information technology training opportunities, including online courses.

The prepayment feature is called Specialty Education-IT (SE-IT) Prepayment Option. The Specialty Education program is part of the Career Improvement Program (CIP) which offers eligible state bargaining unit members up to $3,500 per fiscal year towards tuition and lab, computer and technology fees.

To be approved for SE-IT, the course must be in IT related to employment opportunities within state of Ohio government. SE-IT is designed to meet the needs of eligible bargaining unit employees who plan to enter or advance their careers in the IT profession or other professional work using advanced computer skills. Participants can apply to take courses leading to a license or certificate to meet state government job requirements.

The prepayment option is available to attend IT training at learning institutions that are not currently participating in the voucher program. The application will be reviewed to ensure that the training vendor and the training event meet the UET criteria, and that the course leads to a license or certificate in the technology that they are learning.

This means online IT courses are now more accessible to members. IT training events offered by vendors authorized by IT developers – such as Cisco, Microsoft, and Adobe, among others – may also be included in the prepayment option. Members will have the opportunity to apply for the training along with the SE-IT prepayment benefit.

The SE-IT program will continue to offer the voucher option for learning institutions already approved and listed on the UET website. Eligible state bargaining unit employees can enroll in IT courses at participating training providers and apply for a voucher. A wide variety of course offerings at schools throughout the state of Ohio are listed on the UET website.

The prepayment feature and access to a wider range of IT training opportunities, including online courses, are just the two most recent ways that UET is improving and expanding the program to meet the needs of members. The IT field continues to change so UET is helping members achieve employment security and provide for their families.