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Issue 13: 3/17/2016

We vouch for you! No up-front costs with CIP Voucher

We vouch for you! No up-front costs with CIP Voucher

If you could go to college with no up-front costs but assurances that the application process is easy and fast, would you? Because that is exactly what the Union Education Trust’s Career Improvement Program (CIP) offers.

CIP pays your school directly, so there are no up-front tuition costs for you as the student. If it sounds like it couldn’t be any simpler, that is correct. Especially when you realize how convenient is the UET CIP application process.

Your CIP voucher will cover tuition, lab, computer and technology fees. These expenses are covered by your up to $3,500 (per fiscal year) benefit.

You can choose from several voucher programs within CIP to meet your specific needs:

  • Specialty Education (SE)—for specialty training programs that are non-college credit programs designed to meet specific training requirements for current or future State of Ohio government jobs.
  • College Credit Vouchers (CV)—for courses from colleges with regional accreditation.
  • Career College Vocational Education (CCVE)—for pre-approved course from accredited career colleges.
  • Career College Voucher Program (CCV)—for a pre-approved college credit course from a career college.
  • Vocational Education Program (VE)—for a pre-approved course from accredited Adult Vocational Schools or Community Colleges.

Most Ohio Regionally Accredited Colleges accept the UET voucher for college credit courses. Visit the search tool here for school listings. After your application is approved, the voucher will be e-mailed or mailed directly to you. You then take it to the bursar’s office at your school and you’re done. Well, except for the coursework!