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As part of our ongoing efforts to share information, the UET Online Magazine features important announcements on events and learning opportunities for bargaining unit employees. Listed below are links to specific timely information for UET Members. Create or update your User Profile by clicking MyUET to receive program updates and the UET Online Magazine by e-mail.

Issue 13: 3/17/2016

  • Do you have what it takes to return to college?

    “Returning to college.”

    Those words either fill you with excitement, making your heart beat faster and your thoughts race considering all the possibilities.

    Or perhaps they make you feel a little dizzy, perhaps nauseous, and filled with dread.

    Your reaction probably depends on your previous educational experiences, combined with the influence of what your commitments and responsibilities currently are. This is because returning to college is both a mental and a practical choice. You need to decide you are ready to tackle the challenge emotionally while making arrangements to fit your new endeavor into your lifestyle.

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  • Mobile friendly UET site

    Gaining access to UET on phone/tablet devices

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  • We vouch for you! No up-front costs with CIP Voucher

    If you could go to college with no up-front costs but assurances that the application process is easy and fast, would you? Because that is exactly what the Union Education Trust’s Career Improvement Program (CIP) offers.

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  • Members get access to additional technology training through enhanced SE-IT program

    The Union Education Trust (UET) Trustees understand that there are particular education needs within the Information Technology (IT) field for our members and have looked for ways to enhance UET to meet those needs. It’s important that members can access their benefits and participate in UET to gain employment security.

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